Operating System and GDI Suppliers
The Front End Module is interfaced to the Windows operating system and GDI .The module can be easily interfaced to the Linux operating system and GDI .
It can also be easily interfaced to any embedded operating system and GDI such as those supplied by :-
ATI Nucleus VxWorks - Wind River Systems QNX etc.  
These are linked in by simple modifications to the module's OS wrapper files .
The Module can operate without an Operating System . The Module only requires a basic GDI - frame drawing , text rendering & basic graphics functions . If necessary these can be constructed - allow a couple of days if variable type face font rendering is not required . Alternatively an it can be ported to existing GDI .
We provide a porting service to interface the Module to your Operating System and GDI functions .
We can also provide a full customised Operating System .
The Module can also accommodate separate services layer and applications modules such as browsers and email modules . These are linked in as Custom ' Editors ' .