Coding Standards are concerned with the following :-
  1. The minimisation of development , maintenance and update time . This is due to the following :-
    1. The code is easy to read .
    2. The code uses known forms .
    3. The code uses commoned forms .
  2. The layout of the project is such that the patterns and commonalties can be clearly seen and , as such , the code can be easily architecturally and structurally optimised . As such it is easy to manage and maintain .
  3. The use of a method that ensures that the project is developed to specification , that it works and that it doesn't have any unexpected problems .
  4. The use of a methodology that ensures that the project is developed such that mucky coding is kept out of the design .
Quality of code production is a further layer that is dependent on the quality of the Project Management and of the individual Development and Testing Engineers .

World Computers is a Professional and Values Based company . What this means is :-
  1. our staff concentrate on the job .
  2. our staff think out the various solutions and compare them , then chose the best approach .
  3. our staff can distinguish between good code and bad code and can , consequently , produce high quality code .
  4. our staff can handle responsibility and accountability and can , consequently , ensure that the project works very well in it's entirety .
  5. our staff have a high level of technical skills and have a very technical approach to the job . As such the best job possible is produced .
What you get from us is :-
  1. 100% of the job done - not a ' perfect ' 10% . The technology will work fully and in all circumstances . No yucky code . Good methodology , only , is used .
  2. the technology is constantly evolved and updated - keeping you at the foreront of the industry .
  3. all issues are addressed . If we notice that it exists or you say it exists then it exists and we deal with it .