Project Management and Architectural Design Services

World Computers providesTechnical Project Management and full Architectural Design services where we provide the Technical Project Manager \ Architect .
Componentisation and Dynamic Binding

World Computers provides architectural design services to componentise designs and to dynamically bind components .
Contract Engineering

World Computers provides contract engineering services where we provide staff to work for our clients on an hourly basis via agencies .

Navigating the New Business Landscape

World Computers provides practical business insights into our changing times . Business analysis . Removing inefficiencies . Consolidation . Transformational change . Maximising potential . Suggestions . Alternate views . Shining a fresh light .
Embedded Software Components

World Computers provides , under usage license , embedded software components that it has developed .
Intellectual Property

World Computers provides practical business winning intellectual property - startup business projects .

World Computers uses - Formal Methods . Code samples available .
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